What do Jay-Z, Nas, Joey Badass, Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Wu-Tang Clan, and Rakim have in common? Outside of the fact that they have all created enduring music, if you dig a little deeper you will have also noticed that they have either used Five Percent Nation slang repeatedly or referenced their teachings in their rhymes.

Toronto-based rapper Raz Fresco has recently teamed up with Hip Hop icon Nas signee Bishop Nehru on “Equinox,” rap don Raekwon on “Influenza,” and grime rap star Tre Mission on “Swerving in Bape” for his debut album Pablo Frescobar. Now, he details the influence of the Five Percent Nation on his own daily life in his new video “God Body,” featuring Arkansas-based Bakers Club member Lo Thraxx.