In a time when race relations and gun violence are in the forefront of most social conversations, our younger generation is just trying to make it all make sense. Baby Kaely, an 11-year-old rapper and YouTube phenomenon, has questions, and has made it her mission to express that she just wants to be “living in a better place.” Baby Kaely teams up with Marsai Martin, 11-year-old actress of ABC’s Black-ish, to push the message of equality through their song titled “Better Place.”

The visuals for “Better Place” has garnered over 19,000 views in one day. With more than 730,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 165,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined, as she has been rapping since she was the tender age of four, Baby Kaely is pushing to use her platform to vocalize social issues that the average 11-year-old only sees on the news, but doesn’t quite talk about amongst their peers.

“I’m so worried for our future; what kind of world do we live in when even the superheroes wanna shoot ya?” raps Baby Kaely. For this powerful message to be pushed by an artist so young, shows just how much these issues are affecting EVERYBODY, no matter age or race.