HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: The visual accompaniment to “Wrong 1,” produced by DRO (Derek Wize, Riff Raff, Felly, Palmer Squares), is the latest offering from Toronto’s punk-rap rebel Rob GF, who has recently come to life in a dramatic fashion with a barrage of releases. Rob has been unapologetic in his aggressive delivery and “Wrong 1” is no different.

“I feel like Angry is a whole different side of me that I really enjoy exploring,” says Rob. “The energy in the project is undeniable in my eyes and I feel it’s received that same way. There are many sides to me as a person and as a musician and I can’t wait for the world to see the sides and embrace them. I’m working on my latest project Songs2Scream2 which is set to release in the following months.”

The video’s director, Spex, combines found footage and post-Tumblr aesthetics in a trippy formula that echoes the hard hitting and percussive song. Rob, a fiercely independent artist who lives and breathes the DIY mentality, recorded and mixed the track in his basement studio on the outskirts of the city. With a few more projects on the way, Rob is sticking his flag in the Toronto soil and claiming his place as one of the irrefutably gifted up and comers.