Gearing up for the July 15 release of Agua, Sadat X’s first album, the esteemed MC drops the video to “Murder Soundtrack.” The single features A-F-R-O and Rahzel The Legend (of The Roots fame). In the video, ‘Fro is stopped-and-frisked by police as the fast-rapping vocalist makes his way to a colorful Hip Hop house party. There, he kicks a plethora of mercenary bars that murder the microphone.

Listen closely to hear a brief story, along with some autobiographical musings in the fast-rising artist’s career. As Rahzel’s deft beat-boxing laces a scratch-chorus effect, Sadat comes in with a verse that clears the scene with stray firing lines about aging gracefully as a Rap master, staying close with his longtime producer, and keeping his art and his heart pumping strong in the 2-0-1-6. The beat is the perfect complement to the short, rapid-fire bars from these skilled artists.