HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: Calid B is a fresh new voice from Chicago. He steps out with his lead-off single for his Afrobang campaign with a video for “Parasites.” Afrobang, due out later this summer, is a fully-realized glance at several intonations of what R&B can be in today’s ever-expanding genre landscape. Pulling from vast influences from African Tribal music to new-age production techniques, Calid is able to blend new and old seamlessly into a new sound that is wholly his own.

This initial video, shot by Eryn Allen Kane and Austin Vesely-affiliated Nate Salter serves to underscore the kind of innate eye for aesthetic and sound the kid has and acts as a sort of prelude to what’s to come. With a wide section of his hometown’s creative community behind him, Calid stands poised to take off very soon, something that is becoming increasingly common in this part of the country.