HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere:  “Use Me” is the first music video released from Tonedeff’s forthcoming second album, Polymer, which will be released on July 8. Directed by Norway’s Daniel McStay, “Use Me” features intricate shadow puppets, a Fincher-esque atmosphere and rope work with a free-fall drop that had to be reset multiple times to get the shot. “I had rope burns around my neck, wrists and ankles plus a bruised groin for three weeks after shooting this video,” Tonedeff recalls. “If I never have kids, you’ll know why.”

When asked about the significance of the nooses tied around his body, Tonedeff explains, “There’s a masochistic partnership in allowing yourself to be used – whether it’s a conscious decision or not. But in regards to love, coworkers, even with corporations and government, we’re constantly giving up control in order to get the tiniest bit of joy out of life. I felt the double entendre of marionettes and self sacrifice really worked for the video.”