Yo, let me take you to the tribe real quick

[Verse 1]
I’m from that small city called Panorama
Where the vatos roam and they blast they hammers
Never had no sense, so I’m bad with manners
Who’d’ve thought I’d be living life in the flashin’ cameras?
Got bitches on my nuts like pubics (Ooh)
Niggas could never figure me out like Rubik’s (Cubes)
I be bullying everybody like I’m Brutus! (Who?)
So don’t underestimate me, I do this, truest
I’m calm and ill but still drop bombs, I kill
You know the deal, with my godly skills
You want a dog to fill in my shoes? That’s a lot to fill
It won’t happen, you cannot be real
Man, there’s so many rappers that wanna catch my fade
So many bitches that wanna snatch my brain
I’ll probably end up on the news dead, bullet in the head
Mama in the street yelling “That’s my baby!”
You want me to keep it to a minimal with the syllables?
I think you should get up off my genitals
Every nigga identical when they spit a flow, this shit is critical
I’mma have to get rough and get on my sentinels
Nigga, what you be sipping on? I’m guessing your pen is broke
Is it difficult for you to get better? You’re so despicable
Cause your shit is boo-boo, your bars are predictable
I do not bump it, it’s hard to get into you
Please admit it, man, the voyage is radical
Mind is set to just destroy, I’m an animal
Killing shit, man, I’m a poisonous antidote
I be on it, man, ya boy’s international
Yeah, I’m mad with rhymes
Been doin’ this since ’99, I’m a mastermind
Homie, it’s 2015, and all my niggas gon’ kill it
When they finish the job, the other half is mine

You ain’t on that real shit
I live here, you on a field trip
I’m made of shit you ain’t built with
You a bitch, yo girl need a real dick
It’s no doubt, niggas gon’ feel this
You don’t scare niggas, not even a little bit
I serve you, you get the bill quick
Crown me, I’m a real prince

Give me that crown boy! (give it!), I said “Give me that shit!”
Give me that crown boy! (c’mon!), I said “Give me that shit!”
Give me that crown boy! (give it!), I said “Give me that shit!”
Give me that crown boy! (c’mon!), give me that shit!

[Verse 2]
The rap game’s mine, I revolve it ’round me, I think I have lost it
And my mind’s exhausted, I’m nauseous from the process
Of hopping on stage and trying to dive in moshpits
Nigga, why you focused on diamonds?
These cubic zirconia’s all up in my ear
Over jewelry, I don’t get excited
My perception in life is “Why the fuck am I here, nigga?”
I’ve been this way since your ass has been sucking on titties
Since niggas cocked back, and start bustin’ on 50
Since J-Lo was mobbin’ in public with Diddy
Since Biggie and Pac got shot up, it’s a pity
That’s bullshit you’re talking, I’m not in the mood, bro
Continue yapping, you’ll see Hopsin is brutal
Keep pushin’ me, you gon’ get dropped with some Judo
You fannin’ out like you want cock in yo culo
Niggas only in it for money and bitches
I don’t even think they wanna rap no more
But they wanna be all over the television
Rockin’ feminine shit, tryna act homo
Old bi-ass niggas can’t bypass niggas
“I can’t change even if I tried”-ass niggas
Tight jeans on so they show your ass-ass niggas
In the pool with the homie, trying to splash-ass niggas
Fruity as Mike and Ike, you’ll get diced to rice
When I arrive I pull up like “Hi! Surprise!”
It might be wise to hide when the nightly skies are high
Fuckin’ with an 8, no life of Pi
Tell me, what position would the game be in
Without me having the ability to rape the pen?
Pound Syndrome, this is it, I’m weighin’ in
I still hate ya’ll niggas and I can’t pretend

[Bridge] + [Hook]