On today’s DX Daily, Snoop opens up about how he feels about Suge Knight, going so far as to say that he feels sorry for the former Death Row boss. Next, Gobi Rahimi, a close confidant, collaborator and producer of Tupac’s Death Row era videos has put together a trailer for a brand new feature film based on the last seven days of ‘Pac’s life. Here, you can see the trailer as well as donate to his GoFundMe for the film. Last, Krizz Kaliko teams up with DX Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte to reveal that he actually lost his verse to “Speedom [WWC2]” where he appears with Eminem. Uncool.

Host: Andre Grant

Shot & Edited By: Ahmed Sabir-Calloway (@akthentik)

Written By: Andre Grant (@drejones)