Last week we released Detroit rapper MAHD’s album 13, which tells the story of a relationship gone sour that led to him leaving his home on a soul searching mission that eventually leads him back to Detroit. One of the albums opening cuts, “Got Damn,” now has an accompanying visual, which shows MAHD meeting his now ex girlfriend in 2005. “First date said we hit it off proper,” he raps, as the video transition to a few years later, when MAHD is “thinking she’s the one.” But things take a turn to the detriment of their relationship when MAHD begins talking with other women.

“It was ‘got damn’ when I met her, ‘got damn’ when it was going good, and ‘got damn’ when I started messing up,” MAHD says. Seated beside himself at a church pew, MAHD’s good and bad angels butt heads as the video concludes, and in the context of the album leads into “Can’t Believe,” which is where roles reverse and MAHD is shocked to find his girlfriend drifting away from their relationship, ultimately leading to their split and MAHD leaving town.

Stream MAHD’s 13 album below