Lupe Fiasco fanatics were treated to a special performance yesterday (June 25). Following his interview with DJ Skee on SKEE Live, the Chicagoan bounced into his empowering anthem, “Mission” then accidentally bounced right off stage, careening into the barricade below. Fortunately, Lupe was alright. Almost as quickly as it happened, Carrera Lu bounced back on stage and back into his flow. He never stopped rhyming, never lost control of the track. Bravo.

Check the video above (courtesy of @LoadedSeries). 

Here’s the coolest part: After “Mission” finished and after performing an a capella version of the song again for the television edit, Lupe treated the crowd to a three minute and 18 second freestyle about falling off the stage. “I feel like when you come out and shit don’t go right, you just gotta embrace the chaos,” he told the audience. “So I said I’d never ever freestyle again on radio, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t freestyle on stage.” The entire series of events was an exercise in showmanship, easily one of the most memorable performances in SKEE Live history. 

Watch the video of the freestyle below.

Along with “Mission,” Fiasco performed “Next To It,” “Superstar,” “Kick Push,” and a new track with Chris Brown entitled “Crack.” He even found room for one additional freestyle before exiting stage left. 

Lupe Fiasco will appear on SKEE Live this Friday (June 27). SKEE Live airs every Friday at 8pm on AXS TV.