Athletes love Lil Wayne. Boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram to tell his 2.6 million followers with a short video post that it’s “#CarterV Season.” The edited 15-second video showed Lil Wayne and Drake bobbing their heads to a piano beat as the frames switched from color to black-and-white to large and to small. Which means Mayweather was most likely not in the studio when the video was recorded and instead, was sent over a video clip specifically for Instagram to show his support. That’s like changing your avi on Twitter.

Another champion athlete to show his support on Instagram was Kobe Bryant. He let the world know that “Carter V season begins” by posting promo art for the album.


Looks like Kobe is more enthusiastic about Tha Carter V season than the season the Lakers just had.

Back to Lil Wayne and Drake. The words “Believe Me” were also included in Mayweather’s post. Possibly a song title? But most likely part of his marketing campaign. No set release date for Tha Carter V but we do know, the season has just begun.