Deniro Farrar may be giving you a tour of his city Charlotte in his latest video for “Bow Down,” but he had quite a time in Austin, Texas. The Rap upstart lost his ID at SXSW and told us all about it. Hopefully he got back on that plane. Be sure to check out Deniro’s Rebirth EP dropping May 20th, and here’s a little recap of his I.D.-losing incident:

It was crazy, man. They was giving away those free bags in the back in the artist lounge so I get a bag and the whole team get bags. I’m staying here at the hotel but the team got the condo so I’m like, ‘I’ll take my bags so I won’t have to be coming to get it.’ I put all of my valuables in there. All of my cash that I withdrew from my card just so I wouldn’t have to keep going to the ATM. My bank card. All of that shit. I put it in the bookbag, and I did another interview before the show, took the bag off set it down, went and did the show … I got off stage and was like, “I’m hungry,” and I was looking for the bag ‘cause I had cash in there and I was like, ‘Yo, where is my bag?’ Ran all the way back to the spot, YG and everybody was back there now. So I’m looking through and the bag is gone. My whole identity is gone. I’m like an illegal citizen right now if anybody is concerned. I’d probably go to jail if the police run up on me. I have no identification, bro … But the show was crazy! Everything was crazy. I didn’t even find this out until after doing the second show. But it kind of had me in a bad spot, but then my manager was like, ‘Dude, everything is replaceable. The money. The ID. These moments at SXSW, you can’t buy those.’


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