Spending a day at the beach sounds ideal right about now but if you’re stuck in the office, feel free to press play on Gambino’s new single to at least enjoy the ocean view. From noon till dusk, Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper throw a mini-beach shindig with a few close friends and close the day out with glow sticks (or multi-colored light sabers) and a bonfire. The friendship/mentorship/bromance between Childish and Chance makes you want to join their party. Was our invite lost, guys?

In an interview with Chance The Rapper, the Chicago emcee told XXL, “I fuck with Donald Glover [Childish Gambino], he’s one of my favorite people I’ve worked with so far. He’s a super dope mentor.”

We’ll keep our eye out for future collaborations. -Janice Llamoca