Eric Bellinger drops off his latest single “Just Got Paid” featuring Chase N Cashe.

“What I love most about ‘Just Got Paid’ is the fact that when you see the title you automatically have your own imagination of what the song will sound like and as soon as you press play you realize it sounds nothing like you thought it would lol I’ve always wanted to see what would happen if I got the chance to lock in with one producer to create a project with one cohesive sound,” Eric says of the song.

When me and Chase N Cashe linked we immediately connected not only on a musical level but a spiritual one as well. We both come from the same place yet miles apart. With the combination of Compton to New Orleans, we were able to explore in so many different territories. I’ve always loved his production and it was no surprise to me that when we locked in Magic would happen. Every track on the album is a real-life situation that we all go through every day. Different stories, Different experiences so we came up with the title Scenarios I like to think of it as the modern-day Timbaland and Ginuwine for what they did for the culture when we were growing up.”