Let us now rejoice that our Saint Laurant Don is now officially out of the custody of the detention center he was kept in for over a week. He was released on the morning of Feb 13, the day after this track was released.

Now that the beef with Don Q and Dream Doll has passed, Tory can go back to doing what he was doing from jump, which is trying to become the best in the game. As far as we know, Tory is the only artist to make a piece of work reflective of the incredibly stressful situation of 21’s detainment. It’s a very powerful and necessary move to make to show support of 21.

Now that 21 is out, it would be best to not expect him to come forward to say anything super quickly. We need to give him time to recalibrate back into his life after such an upsetting series of events, but we’re sure that soon enough, 21 will be back to his old self, stronger and more resilient than ever.