Grammy-nominated Jazz musician Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah just announced that his upcoming album “Ancestral Recall” will be released on March 22. Adjuah says that the album “was built as a map to decolonize sound; to challenge previously held misconceptions about some cultures of music; to codify a new folkloric tradition and begin the work of creating a national set of rhythms; rhythms rooted in the synergy between West African, First Nation, African Diaspora/Caribbean rhythms and their marriage to rhythmic templates found in trap music, alt-rock, and other modern forms. It is time we created a sound that dispels singular narratives of entire peoples and looks to finally represent the wealth of narratives found throughout the American experience. An experience that shows all forms of expression in sound are valid, as all people are.”

Alongside fellow Jazz musician Robert Glasper, Adjuah is also a member of the Jazz supergroup R+R=NOW. Adjuah 2017 album The Emancipation Procrastination is nominated for a Grammy at this Sunday’s upcoming ceremony.