16-year-old aspiring rapper Miniscule took the unanimous win for this week’s HipHopDX #LitnessTest with his bars, flow, and soulful sampled-filled beat from Jee Juh. The track “Freedom” captured the judges HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Trent Clark and Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Timothy Bloom right from the start with Miniscule’s overall delivery and beat that made it irresistible to groove and bob your head to.

“I honestly believe that you can’t deny that… that was a feeling. It just brought you in,” Bloom said about the song.

Hit play on Miniscule’s “Freedom,” follow him on SoundCloud and don’t forget to peep the #LitnessTest live every Thursday at 6pm EST/3pm PST via DX’s WAV, YouTube and Facebook channels.