When Hip Hop is literally in your blood, you have to choice but to live up to your birthright.

That’s how 5-year-old lyricist Caiden Mills is spending his summer – following up in the footsteps of his true school MC pops, Consequence.

Even with his adolescence, he’s still managed to carry on the rich tradition of the Native Tongue Movement with his debut single, “We The Minions (Yellow Diamonds).” He’s previously appeared alongside his dad on 2015’s “That Dude” and 2016’s “Heir to the Throne” but this time around, he’s stepping out and embarking out on that solo mission. The kid-friendly anthem puts him right on the market to service appropriate Hip Hop choices for the youth so they don’t have to be subjected to anything considered adult.

So play this for your younger siblings, cousins, nieces or nephews and check him on both Twitter and Instagram @Caiden817.

“Yellow Diamonds” will also be available on all streaming platforms and iTunes come July 18, 2017.