Up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Ayrius hails from Houston and his latest single titled “Stay” hails from a very personal and emotional space in his psyche. The record was recently previewed on a #DXLive and earned enough positive criticism to get a HipHopDX premiere today.

In his own words, the artist born Gabriel Gonzales tells DX how arduous the road to creating the track actually was.

“‘Stay'” is like an inferno,” he says. “I began this record three years ago with my longtime producer/engineer Platinum P.A.T. but it ended up being halted, as myself & P.A.T. went on a hiatus from each other; due to personal conflict. At the time when we started it, we instantly knew we were onto something with the record because the intensity of the instrumental reflected so well onto the current traumatic experience I was dealing with; being the tumultuous relationship I had just got out of at the time. Every word is literal, it’s me talking about someone who found me at a bad place in my life, took me from that place, loved me back to normal, then betrayed me, and shot me right back to that bad place.”

Personal turmoil usually breeds the best music and there was more adversity before the record got off the ground.

He continues, “During those three years lost, I had entered an even more darker place in my life. I had lost all hope for love and strayed away from majority of my creative partners, the main one being P.A.T. I ended up stepping out on my own and recording a ton of records by myself, “Stay” being one; and doing that ended up being what saved me from that darkness. Though I lost the relationship I’m singing about forever, I did end up reconnecting with P.A.T. and I let him hear the record we started those three years ago that I had just finished on my own. He loved it even more than we worked on it together, because the vision had come full circle, and it was obvious to him that I was in a negative place when we first started it, and I needed to roam alone, so that I could grow and take myself out of the turmoil I was existing in then. ‘Stay’ is about me exiting that inferno and taking on the world.”

Stream the Auto-Tune croon “Stay” up above and follow him on Instagram @ayrius.