HipHopDX Premiere: As one of the initial eight co-founders of indie Hip Hop label, Anticon, Sole (real name Tim Holland) has a long history in the music business. Originally from Portland, Maine, the activist minded MC is now based in Denver, Colorado, where he has continued carving out his lane in Hip Hop culture.

His new track, “War On The Real (Parts 1-3),” hails from his mansbestfriend project, which he says is “shaping up to be a sprawling epic poem.” As the first installment of a super-limited 7″ picture disc, which is releasing through his Sole Subscription Series, is an exclusive Patreon campaign he’s using to push his new podcast, “Solecast.”

“I’m trying new methods of creating and releasing music,” Sole tells DX. “Over the past few years, most of the music I have done with DJ Pain 1 has been focused, political songs with more of a pop format. When I sit down to make manbestfriend stuff, I’m not thinking about songs, I’m not thinking about structure—it’s just me channeling what I am feeling over a beat I just made.

“The reason the ‘song’ is in three parts is because there will be many more parts and I can only fit six minutes of music on a 7″,” he continues. “On this piece, I am processing my thoughts about what life is gonna look like under the Trump Regime while reeling from raids against DIY venues in Denver in the wake of the Ghost Ship fire [in Oakland, California]. With all that is happening in the U.S. right now, I want to continue to link radical arts with radical politics through my music and through podcast.”