HipHopDX Premiere: Nigerian MC Phlow resonates with an originality unmatched by many of her contemporaries. On her latest project, the Asuai mini-EP, she perfectly articulates the story of a young woman falling in and out of love in a matter of five minutes. Produced entirely by Swedish beatmaker Ryko, the chilled-out track overflows with promise.

Asuai is actually created out of four shorter songs, “Little Girl, Big’Ole World,” “Building Walls,” “Cracked Windows,” and “The Exit” (featuring Maka), and quickly proves to be irresistible.

Meaning “My Year” in Ukwani, a dialect spoken by the Delta Igbos in Eastern Nigeria, Asuai sums up what the project is all about—her year. If Phlow keeps delivering music like this, it really could be.