In November 2015, North Miami rapper Billy Blue and Grammy Award-winning artist Lupe Fiasco got together in the studio in Miami to record a few records for Billy Blue’s upcoming project Revelations. From that session, they recorded “Fundamentals,” a catchy, upbeat record that lyrically pertains to the code of the streets. Produced by Freeway TJay, “Fundamentals” is a record that will catch any listener’s attention.

A few weeks after their session, Lupe invited Blue to be an opening act on his upcoming US tour, ‘Tour For The Fans.” During the tour, Billy Blue and Lupe Fiasco performed “Fundamentals” two times every night. Lupe would surprise the audience and
 come out during Billy Blue’s opening set and Lupe would bring Blue back out during his set. The two interacted with the crowd every night and made sure they knew the hook to the record. The fan reactions to the performances were incredible and had all the fans singing along to the record every night. As a result, there were many fans out there waiting for and requesting this record.