HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: R&B/rap sensation Carlin James is the next big thing coming just outside the Toronto area. Carlin James has spent the past few years bubbling behind the scenes engineering and songwriting for other artists, strategically building his brand. He has hooked up with affiliates of OVO/XO as well as G-unit. His incredible sound can be credited to extraordinary producer Jag who has been highly sought after, working with some of the biggest producers in the industry. Together they plan on taking their brand to the next level.

Now, he releases his new single titled “Rollercoaster.” Here, Carlin James displays his versatility in both rapping and singing where he confesses his temptations for a mysterious female, late at night while he’s in the studio. This clever storytelling track takes the audience through the perspective of himself as well as the mysterious girl all while expressing his desire for her to meet at the studio. The record features OVO/XO affiliate Amir Obe and is produced by Jag.