AxJ (Ay-Jay) is an artist, poet, and MC after his listeners’ heart. From Indianapolis, IN but currently located in Atlanta, GA, AxJ has released several projects and opened up for popular acts such as Big Boi, MGK, Trey Songz, and Waka Flaka. Rather than draw comparisons, he rather let his art speak for itself with his newest body of work titled The Light Bulb Moment.

Now, he releases a new track titled “Calm Down,” which addresses the sad reality of racism in the world today.

In his own words:  “This song is me speaking my peace about it all. It’s not meant to be a popular song, but an honest statement knowing there are many of my peers that feel the same way. May this continue to motivate those wanting to take action and have the necessary conversations in order to bring about results of change for the better.”