Big Gigantic releases “Miss Primetime” featuring the smooth, Southern flow of NOLA rapper Pell. Big Gigantic have made a name for themselves as early trendsetters in live dance music, bringing their saxophone and drums on stage for a dynamic and uniquely energetic live show. Combined with Pell’s sexy-swagger verses, “Miss Primetime” showcases a maturing of Big G’s signature sound with a hot new twist.

“We had been itching to work with Pell. We sent him the instrumental and he sent us back a vocal masterpiece. This is one our absolute favorite songs coming out on our upcoming album.” – BIG GIGANTIC

“I wrote this for the woman that is so sexy, it’s considered a talent. I would put on a show for her. Big Gigantic made a sexy instrumental, so this came easily – the lyrics are merely a reflection of what I was given.” – PELL