HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: Since 2004, the team at Leedz Edutainment has put on for Hip Hop from across the map. Whether it’s an up-and-coming cat from the New England area or a legendary emcee, Leedz’ placement as a top-tier promotion crew is well-known. And their new compilation, Eastern Standard, proves exactly that as it pulls together a variety of dope Hip Hop acts with roots on the East Coast.

It’s only fitting, then, that the project’s lead single is “The East Coast,” a hard-nosed head-nodder from Philadelphia native and renown Nerdcore rapper, Mega Ran. While he’s well known for his upbeat disposition on social media and more narrative-heavy joints, Ran can go toe-to-toe with the grittier spitters too.

At least, that’s what he brings on this slapper produced by Boston-based artist The Arcitype, with cuts accompanied by DJ Slipwax who works in some slick scratched vocals from The Roots’ Black Thought. “The East Coast” depicts a reality that Ran and plenty of others have experienced, from the fact that damn near “everybody can rock a mic/ and somehow 7 on 1 is the makeup of a proper fight.”