Trev Rich has been in the studio working on Penthouse Mentality, and is back with a major banger from the album. The track “Wait a Minute” is produced by DJ Green Lantern, and is just the beginning of Green’s work with the young rapper from Denver.

The release of “Wait a Minute” comes on the heels of the release of “The Way We Love,” the acclaimed project released earlier in the year from Trev Rich. Penthouse Mentality, the full-length highly anticipated album, will be chock full of progressive production, massive features and Trev Rich’s signature untouchable flow.

Of the collaboration with DJ Green Lantern, Trev Rich says it was a long time coming and the chemistry in the studio between legend and student was unmatched.

“Working with Green was one of the dopest experiences because I knew I had to bring it. Someone who’s been in the industry for as long as him knows what’s hot and what’s not and when I heard the beat I just knew where to take it.”

DJ Green Lantern put his dynamic touch to “Wait a Minute” and brought out the best in Trev’s lyrics, making this track the perfect introduction into “Penthouse Mentality.”