HipHopDX Exclusive Premiere: With influences from artists such as Drake, Dom Kennedy, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 and most importantly Wiz Khalifa, his favorite artist, Tree’s zoning in on becoming one of the biggest artists in the game, literally. Standing 6’8, he’s set on staying hungry, focused, and determined to set the precedence for artists making the transition from sports to music, and having the talent to back it up. Tree is on track to blaze the charts, and put his city on the map. Making even the biggest pessimist a believer that money actually does grow on Trees, and perhaps, so does music.

“With ‘Your Eyes’ I wanted to go back to when you first stared into someones eye’s and experienced an extreme or memorable emotion. The eyes can tell you everything about a person. Whether they are happy, sad, scared… or high. I wanted the project to relax you and take you back to an experiences only yours eyes could remember.” -Tree Thomas