After putting the water in the freezer on his comeback track “Extra” earlier this week, SwizZz has returned with an entire tray of ice cubes to smack Hopsin across the face with on his full-blown diss track, “Automatic.”

Those individuals who thought SwizZz wasn’t going to defend his brother Dame Ritter in the midst of the Funk Volume dissolution had better sit up in their seat for this.

“Loyal to my bloodline, I don’t sit on the fence/Don’t ask me for my opinion just witness how this shit ends/So many ask how you feel, you lost yourself in the hype/All the shit you attain could disappear over night/We ain’t budging this what the best and they fail to see the connection/Your image is a confession you are nothing you type,” SwizZz fumes as proceeds to hit his former labelmate with the lyrical chopper.

As an introduction to the diss record, SwizZz took to his Facebook page to not only apologize to Hopsin for mentally being available during Funk Volume’s last days, but to call him a sellout in the same sentence. Fans who have been chronicling the Hopsin/Dame Ritter beef can chalk it up as payback for the ether that was “ILL Mind of Hopsin 8.”

Listen to the track above and read the full statement below.