Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle Records’ flagship artist Jooba Loc, just released one of the best projects of 2016 (so far). Jooba’s story is strikingly similar to the Doggfather’s in some respects. He’s from Long Beach, California, just like Snoop. He fought various legal issues and beat a murder charge, just like Snoop. So after a standout contribution to the LBC Movement mixtape, it makes sense that Dogg put Jooba at the front of his latest venture. The dopest thing about Only Way Out is that it’s actually a genuine rap album—not another emo-trap-dance hybrid void of commitment, soft on substance. It even includes a healthy dose of Dogg delivering bars like he’s back on his Blue Carpet Treatment. As soon as “Fallbacc” kicks in, you’ll see what we mean. The tracklist is below, as well as the trailer to Jooba Loc’s upcoming film, Only Way Out.

  1. Fallbacc ft. Snoop Dogg
  2. 52nd St.
  3. Skip Skip
  4. N’s Up
  5. Money ft. Daz Dillinger
  6. Hop Out ft. YG
  7. Young Niggaz
  8. One Way Out
  9. Get Away
  10. It’s Bedtime
  11. So Cold ft. Kokane
  12. We Can Get Paid