It’s only up from here.

In a world full of distractions, Oakland-born rhymer C5 is focused. After his life took a left turn, the young visionary did what anyone would do, own up and perpetually better himself with time. During his big move from The Bay to LA, C5 knew his love for writing was no coincidence. From there sprouted his debut Dorm Flow album, a glimpse of his early tribulations and future endeavors. With a movement to follow, C5 kept the balance of college work and the pursuing of his purpose.

Back for another round, his follow up Dorm Flow 2 body of work highlights his cultivated growth and steadfast mindset as he wraps up his senior year of college. The 17-track project consists of 14 songs, 3 skits, and all original production from up and coming producers DREW, Blacc Ranger, Causmic, and more. The blooming spitter meticulously worked to manifest and demonstrate both his versatility and self-sufficiency through the use of melodic hooks and varied flows; even more, with no guest features. Touching on his balancing act, life/love experiences, and working to positively impact the youth, C5 continues to ignite his destiny through his craft.