For Sean Smart, knowledge is power. The quick-firing Milwaukee, Wisconsin “fell in love with the culture” at a young age, as he said in a recent interview. Sean still remembers copping that Jay-Z – Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life in the 3rd grade. Later, the artist would channel his energy into Higher Education, as he studied and performed his way through UW – Madison – a prestigious “Public Ivy.”

Sean Smart and them were a big part of the scene. For that, the rapper comes with a stacked lineup on the debut, including: Mike Regal, CAMEone, originalvision and Mic Kellogg. He’s since parted ways with his longtime collaborator Moses, which is for the best. They had a smooth sound but this contemplated lyricist has the knowledge (and amazing graphic design ability) to blaze his own trail in 2015.

Sean created this tape to showcase his flow. “No real message or underlying story, just raw tracks that make people bob their heads and get a feel for my abilities”, he says. “This is just the warm up for what is about to come”.