Trapo is one of the most exciting artists coming out of The Midwest. The young rapper-singer grew up with less-than-fortunate circumstances in Madison, Wisconsin but he’s been in love with music for his entire life. Trapo knows the streets but he was also raised on Gospel and R&B. He never got into sports either, so it’s always been music over anything for this artist. “A 17-year-old artist that fuses hip-hop and neo-soul,” is how he describes himself.

The Mad City singer-rapper has a way of riding these maniacal Jazz beats. He might start out the record with a a light spoken intro, then jump into his bluesy singing voice for the hook, and drop right into a murder flow after that. For the most part, this one-man-band keeps to himself on The Black Beverly Hills. He does link with thestand4rd’s Allan Kingdom on a bright “Raisin In The Sun” record, though.