From the Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$ producer/rapper’s forthcoming debut mixtape, Krak Kilz, releasing early October, HipHopDX gets the exclusive and talks to Kilz about the track and upcoming project.

How did this song come together?

I linked up with The Come Up doing shows in Pittsburgh. Both parties respected the grind and the music. So once we linked up, we just kept in touch. I just felt like their style was perfect for the song, sent them the session, and we made magic.

Now aside from the collaboration part, can you talk about your production of the track?

First and foremost thank god for FL studios, changed my life [laughs]. The beat for “Have Some Fun” was simple, really the drums is what started it all. It’s got a lil’ boom bap feel. I put a lil’ twist on the sample. I call it reverse psychology [laughs]. That gave it a smooth feel. Then I hit ’em with the bassline and that was it — short and sweet.

What should people expect from the forthcoming mixtape?

I’ve been promoting this project for years now, but I’ve always been behind the scenes. I always wrote and recorded, though. I know people who enjoy my songs, but my main focus was producing. So if I make a song, I really was in the zone and it was a special moment. I have fun with it, and I honestly make music for MY ears. If someone likes it, that’s just a plus for me [laughs]. I’m excited for the people to hear the versatility, from smooth tracks to boom bap, from club to trap shit. You can’t put me in a box.