The NBA Playoffs have been incredible this year and it’s exciting to see who comes out on top. In support of the NBA and Hip Hop, we put together a list of 10 NBA players that picked the mic up and gave it a whirl. Some succeeded (sort of) and some failed miserably, but we appreciate the effort. Lace up your Jordans, Pump up your Reeboks, flip off Donald Sterling and let’s get this list started! 

Shaquille O’Neal f. The Notorious B.I.G. – “Can’t Stop The Reign”

Kobe Bryant f. Tyra Banks – “k.o.b.e.”

Allen Iverson – “40 Bars”

Metta World Peace f. Jim Jones, Challace, Deacon, & Foul Monday – “Get Like Me”

Twista f. Carlos Boozer & Mario Winans – “Winning Streak”

Meek Mill f. Lou Williams – “I Want It All”

Kevin Durant f. Privaledge- “Wired (Paid in Full)”

Chris Webber f. Kurupt – “Gangsta, Gangsta”

Tony Parker f. Fabolous – “Top Of The Game”

Delonte West f. KayeM – “Livin Life Fast”

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