The !llmind-produced track is an “ode to the city emblazoned on arguably the most popular fitted cap of all time; the navy blue Yankee hat.” 

The single, available now for purchase via itunes, takes a look at what the feel of New York was, what it wound up becoming and what it’s shaping up to revert back to with the Barrel Brothers at the helm. “When putting together the first single, we knew we wanted it to be something that checked everything off of the list as far as the album goes, says Skyzoo. “The list consisting of witty lyricism, true to heart NYC production, and most importantly the feel of New York, but the New York that we grew up in and know so well. Whatever the “new New York” may be is up for debate, but the NYC that shaped us is what this album is based on. What better way to set the album up than with a song centered around the face of NY sports and the greatest hat
ever. We covered all bases. No pun intended”.

“This is bigger than just a song” adds Torae, “the Blue Yankee Fitted is a hip-hop mandate. No matter where I am in the world from Germany to Russia to Thailand there’s always a common thread, that Yankees cap. It’s part of the hip-hop uniform. For us as MCs we’re always inventing the new slang, the new fashion statements, the new literature and Blue Yankee Fitted is gonna be like an anthem. It’s most definitely a New York thing for Sky & I, but bigger than that it’s a hip-hop thing. There are folks that don’t care nothing about the Bronx Bombers but they rock a Blue Yankee Fitted on the daily, now they have a theme song to sing along”.