“I don’t know how I feel / Somebody tell me what’s real?”

We feel the same way about this one, Hov… A more pertinent question: Who saw this coming? The above unreleased collaboration between Jay Z and Daft Punk has the emcee exploring completely new avenues, both sonically and lyrically. The leak was recorded during production of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, and anyone who remembers that film will certainly recognize this era of Daft Punk’s music. Hov’s mention of his Blackberry dates the song well; remember, Jay recently sold one million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail to Samsung for the purposes of free release on Galaxy phones. The lyrics here are where the song takes a journey to uncharted territory, however, as Hova seems to be uncharacteristically distraught the entire time about his inability to communicate his feelings via any other method than text messaging. Maybe he’s been listening to too much Drizzy Drake? You be the judge.