It’s only been five days since Lil Boosie was released from prison, and he’s already on his second collaboration. He started off with Webbie’s “War Time,” and now Torrence Hatch is on to the next one: C-Murder’s “Came2DaCan,” produced by Craig B. of Beats By the Pound. Boosie and C-Murder were once cellmates, Murder now serving out a life imprisonment sentence after his 2002 shooting of a fan in a Louisiana nightclub. C-Murder also happens to be Master P’s brother, who he calls out in this song: “I used to love my own brother, but I don’t love him no mo’ / Don’t want to hug him no mo’ / ‘Cause there’s a limit fo’ sho’.”

Boosie said at his press conference today that a collaboration tape with C-Murder is a possibility, although he is focused on his own music for the moment. His new album is supposedly on the way and he has already been spotted working with artists like Jeezy, so there is no doubt we’ll be hearing more from Lil Boosie soon.