During Oxymoron’s Los Angeles, California listening session Monday night (February 17) at SONOS Studios, ScHoolboy Q explained how he first met Raekwon.

“I just needed somebody from [Wu-Tang Clan] on the album. I just needed it. Whether it was Cappadonna or Raekwon or Ghostface—I needed somebody. Me and Raekwon happen to run into each other. He wasn’t even going to an interview or nothing. We just happened to run into each other. We ran into each other in the elevator. Nothing music related. I wasn’t going to do music. He wasn’t going to do music. He just walks on the elevator I was on. I wasn’t going to say nothing to him. He said something to me. I ain’t wanna just say something. I wasn’t about to serve myself. When you meet New York niggas, they’ll serve you. They shook my hand and damn near threw that muthafucka around my neck like, ‘Get yo bitch ass outta here.’ So I’m like, ‘I ain’t going for that one this time.’ [Laughs] We’ve been trying to get a record together for eight months.”

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