Leading up until the release of his upcoming project The Hopeful, Azad Right will lace his fans with new music every Tuesday as part of his “Get Right Tuesday” series. First up, Bad Energy produced by Quantic which warns his listeners to get rid of all the bad energy around them and to follow their dreams.

This was originally the outro song on my upcoming project, For The Hopeful, but I felt the need to drop it now. This is dedicated to the lives that our city has lost in the recent weeks. Some I knew, some I didn’t get a chance to meet in this life. If there’s a time for coming together and harmonizing, it’s now. There’s no room for any bad energy. My heart goes out to the fallen. – Azad RIght


Name: Azad Right

From: Los Angeles, CA
Inspired by: My environment.
Mission in Hip Hop: To tell you my story. The industry hasn’t been exposed to someone from my background yet and I’m curious to see how they respond. I feel like it’s a perspective that many people will appreciate.
Who are your Hip Hop influences? Nas, Pac and Eminem. From a production standpoint (since I co-produce the majority of my stuff), I’d have to say Kanye and Just Blaze.
What are you working on currently? My new #GetRightTuesday’s campaign (new releases every other Tuesday) and finalizing the videos for my upcoming project For The Hopeful.
When can we expect a new project from you? Spring 2014.