When you think of maybe the most powerful click in hip-hop,
you think of the Ruff Ryders. Up to
this point they have been carried by the world famous DMX, Eve, and a list of
others. But now we are seeing the uprising of Jadakiss. Through his work with the LOX, and many freestyles and cameos, he has propelled himself
to the next level. Kiss The Game Goodbye
is his first solo project, and will meet up to its’ expectations. With its’
hard but catchy production and Jada‘s
signature flow, how can he be denied?

It seems as if Jadakiss has figured
out the formula that the most can’t. There is something for everyone on this
album. With tracks like Show Discipline
which features Nas, and None Of Ya’ll Betta with Sheek and Styles, Jada stays true
to the streets and the mixtape junkies that have been a major part of his fan
base since 96′. But through his experience in the industry, he now understands
that he has to produce something for the radio, and for the club, and even for
that shorty on the Westside that loves that east coast flava, but would love to
hear him rock over a Dre track.
Well, that’s what he did. Crusin
featuring Snoop might be the best
all around song on this album. With its’ bangin ass drum pattern, a beautiful
piano sample, and a hook that will keep everyone screaming I wonna, you gotta love it.

Now, that’s just a couple cuts that Jada
has in store for us. The Ruff Ryder
crews combined on It’s Time I See You,
and believe me; the R-and-R is as strong as ever. The NYC has been all over this
summers mixtape killa We Gon’ Make It
featuring Styles and Knock Yourself Out, produced by the Neptunes, is setting fire to the clubs.
Un-Hunh featuring DMX is a pretty serious track that, due
to some leakage, is causing a great deal of beef in the NYC because of a
comment or two in the direction of other artists. For instance, Jada shouts, I had to stop eating red meat, because I ate too many Beanie Macs.
Now, that would be enough to make me upset.



So, if you think that Jada has made
a little noise with Put Your Hands Up,
you’ve got a treat headed your way. This album is full of hits. It’s no wonder
he has already released three single before the drop date, he’s got about six
more left. And that’s not including a remix or two. August 7th is right around
the corner, so get ready to Kiss, The
, as we know it, Goodbye.