It’s been some time since a female MC has caused a stir. Mystic may be that new MC. I’m
referring to a female MC that has enough to say intelligently, that people
might get up and take notice. Mystic‘s
Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom
is an ode to life, a celebration of freedom. Along with the celebratory feel of
some of the tracks, real life conflicts are discussed in a refreshing manner. A
bonus for Mystic is she is working
with a well respected female MC: Bahamadia.

Ghetto Bird is a somber track about
police control and law enforcement in the ghetto. No better line then creeping through your window. Neptune’s Jewels is hot a track about
the love of Mystic‘s life and what
she would do for him. The Gottas is
another tight track, with beautiful production. Just like the title implies, Mystic waxes poetic about the must
haves in life whether they be good/bad. A song entitled The Life is produced by A-plus
of Heiroglyphics fame, and it’s
obvious. It is a celebration of life and all of its hardships and successes, definite
single material. The melodic Once a week
is another example of the excellent production, and tight lyrical content that
is evident on the album. Mystic is
also an accomplished singer. Her voice is soulful, but at times brings the
album to a standstill. Forever and a Day
is a fine example of that. Planet Asia makes
an appearance on the big up track to Cali called W.

But the biggest complaint of this album will probably stem from the spoken word
and slower final tracks. Not the same as everything else out there, but if
you’re looking for the turn that hip hop needs to take; look no further.