Click tha Supa-Latin
is one of L.A.’s finest beat box kings. With a flair for assaulting the mic and
your ears with his bass heavy voice, Square
is an album filled with eclectic sounds and happy rhymes, making it one
of the most refreshing albums this reviewer has heard in a while. Not since Rahzel‘s album have you heard anyone as
talented at beatboxing.

Square One begins by introducing you
to a beatbox laden name intro. Definite head bobbin’ shit. The format of the
album fluctuates between beatbox skits and hip-hop songs. The beatbox sections
of the album are, for obvious reasons, incredibly strong. Take for example Beatbox Break, and Jugglebox. Both are amazingly tight in that he is able to beatbox
familiar tunes, maintaining the integrity of the songs. As for the songs that Click produced and wrote himself, it’s
painfully obvious that he is from the old school era. This at times, can be a
blessing and a curse. The songs are happy, making it apparent that Click had a lot of fun writing and
producing. Family Freestyle is a fun
tune showcasing how deep rooted his family is in the music and culture. Other tracks such as, Evil Round Me are just boring, filled with mundane lyrics and a
mundane hook.

Overall, this album is a lot of fun, and may not be for everyone. But, if
you’re looking for something a little different to add to your collection, feel
confident that it can sit next to Rahzel
and co-exist with arguably the best beat box, vocal machinist in the world.