Beanie Sigel
doesn’t need much of an introduction since hooking up with the Jigga man himself Shawn Carter–better known as Jay-Z.
In his album The Reason, Beanie is continuing to try to make his
solo mark on the world with a little help from his friends: Memphis Bleek, Daz and Kurupt of Dogg Pound fame, and Scarface. Unfortunately, this album
will only be considered a speed bump in Beanie‘s
road to success based on its lackluster songwriting.

The album starts with the powerful Nothing
like it
, a self-portrayal of Beanie
‘s rise to fame. It continues with Beanie
(Mac Bitch)
the requisite head banger, and definitive club favorite.
Regrettably, the album takes a dive southward, with the old skool flavored So what you saying with Memphis Bleek. Minor peaks on the
radar: Gangsta, gangsta with Kurupt and Man’s World. For the absolute in un-originality however, there is a
track that borrows the beat loop from Change
the Game
. See if you can spot the track on this short album!

Overall the experience leaves you wanting more from the executive producing
credit that Jay-Z takes. His
appearances on the tracks: Think it’s a
and Still got love for you
can’t save this uninteresting album. It’s almost as if anyone involved in this
project expected listeners to not get past the first couple songs. Beanie Sigel needs to sit in the oven a
little longer before he’s ready for solo primetime.