Philadelphia has been rediscovered as the hot spot for
musical talent. The RAM Squad hopes
to capitalize on the recent success of other artists in the area by releasing
their new album, Random Access Money.
Quite the array of hotly produced tracks that accentuates heavy head-nodding
beats, and no-holds barred lyrical content. What it adds up to is a slightly
better than average first album, but not a Rap classic; by any stretch of the

From the frenetic, fast-paced energy of Ruff
Rugged and Raw
to the hilarity of the tongue-in-cheek skit, Anwar Sadat, and Pork skit the album runs the gamut from an education in street life
to a great cruisin’ disc. Ballers (Up in
is the HOTTEST jam on the album. Headz might recognize this track as
the groups’ first single. It’s seasoned with a flute-like instrumentation and
an intense bassline, while tracks like Spending
with Kima from Total, solidify this album’s club
appeal. For the hardcore, What we live
, and Down South, are gritty,
street testimonies that are a testament to the group’s underground status.

The largest complaint that can be directed is that at times you can’t take the
group seriously. The album is laced with infectious singsong hooks, and the
members of the RAM squad are not
incredibly deft on the mic. There is nothing here in their lyrics that you
haven’t heard before, save the nimble production and neck snappin’ beats.
Philadelphia has produced diverse hip-hop acts, so the RAM Squad can definitely find comfort in that they’re representin’
Philly. However, I will not be mentioning them in the same breath as groups
such as The Roots.