The average J-Zone or Celph-Titled fan will have their CD’s sitting between the standard underground fare. Zone and Celph have their CD’s sitting between Suga Free and Poison Clan. So you’d surprised to know that on Every Hog Has its Day Zone and Celph shed the ig’nant for brilliant social and political commentary. Cause the ruthless and relentless slandering of bald head, 5 kid havin, alcoholic, jail-bird chicken heads is social commentary right?

Well in any event, these fine specimens are basically the subject matter of every song on this album. Whether it be the hilarious funk-infused “Givva Hog A Bone” or the side-splitting hunt for a girl that can hook dubbed “Bitch That Ain’t Love.” At every turn the Tampa and Queens representatives bring belligerence and ignorance to new comedic heights. I even suspect the sincerity of “Hog Luv” may not be, well sincere; “fuck that, I got no love with the wife type/I never met one, so I stick to the trife type/got 4 kids, low class, but I can spank her/and got a tracking device strapped to her ankle/so she ain’t in the club flirtin’ with Pharrell/she’s at home by 8 o’clock cause she don’t wanna go to jail.

Those who are misogyny-adverse should probably stay away from this album, or just get a sense of humor and laugh at these crass motherfuckers. Says the Rubix Cuban on the banging single “Steady Smobbin'”:“won’t take a ho to Arby’s just to get the roast beef/throw her in the van and she ain’t calling to po-lice/crack her in the mouth with the back of the chrome heat/you ain’t know a bitch suck dick better with no teeth?” Even funnier is “The Weight Debate” where Zone offers lines like “what a mismatch, now we unique/we look like the number 10 when we walk down the street.” Kenny Hoggin$ and Wade Hogg$ get their solo shine on too, with each rocking a few bars over the other Hog’$ beat. Zone flips a hilarious K9 theme through out the “Dog Show Pageant” while Celph just decimates “Celph-Destruction. ”

I can imagine some fans being shocked by the sound of this album, and probably bitching about it. But if you didn’t know of their undying love for early 90’s underground G-funk, then perhaps you should really start listening. Zone and Celph craft an album that C-Bo would be proud to rock over, hard-ass funk beats all day. I should also mention their bonus EP The Hog$ Sing The Hits which has them rhyming over the likes of PM Dawn, Vanilla Ice and C+C Music Factory as only a Bo$$ Hog Barbarian can do. Every Hog Has its Day isn’t the best album you’ll hear in ’06, but nothing else will be this much fun.