“I’d Rather be broke and have a whole lotta respect”
-OC “Times Up”

Some emcees never reach the pinacle of their talent. OC is no different. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY… OC aka Mush has been declared one of the best to ever touch a microphone.

His classic “Times Up” as well as the “Fudge Pudge” collaboration with Organized Konfusion still stand as two of the best lyrical records ever made about being a true emcee. His latest release Starchild is a testament to the hunger that a true emcee always maintains.

On “Evaridae” featuring Pharoahe Monch it is evident that O is still one of the best. OC also shines on tracks like “Story To Tell” and “Memory Lane.” The proof has always been in the lyrics for OC and this disc makes me hungry for the reunion of the infamous DITC crew of which OC along with Fat Joe, Showbiz, AG, Diamond D and the late great Big L are all a part of.

ThIS disc is filled with 13 tracks of lyrical heat from OC but the production
could have been a little better.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. Intro
2. Evaridae
3. Who Run It
4. The Professional
5. 1nce Again
6. Ya Don’t Stop
7. Story To Tell
8. What Am I Supposed To do?
9. Getaway
10. Memory Lane
11. Special
12. Who Run It (Rmx)
13. Outro