A Hip Hop music trendsetter and
influential MC have come full circle around the urban spectrum to drop his
greatest hits collection. Big Daddy Kane has resurfaced from obscurity
to expose his past musical accomplishments and accolades. With the Very Best
Of Big Daddy Kane
, you will reminiscence back in the day to his trademark
combination of lyrical talent and charisma.


was definitely the originator of some indisputable styles and creativity, which
modestly paved the way for many current mainstream artists in the game. Kane‘s legacy will be poised for the
masses with his well-known entourage, The
Juice Crew
. With the invention of the square head haircut, his signature
gold chains and sporting his famous Gucci
gear, this lyricist carved a formidable spot in the distinguished culture.
Adding to the musical aspects, would be his smooth demeanor sound, which was the
spark for all the ladies that responded to his looks. Hardcore heads respect
his captivating rhymes and metaphoric concepts. Not to mention he was one of
the first MC’s to collaborate R&B and New Jack to the Hip Hop Culture.

Easily in the climax of his lustrous
career, Kane‘s hits were memorable.
Tracks like Ain’t No Half-Steppin, Raw and Smooth Operator were just some of the impressive cuts that
established his unmatchable niche in Rap Music. Hearing the essential chorus
line, I work on I Get The Job Done; the dogs out there will also be simultaneously
repeating the lyric, If Rap was game,
I’ll be MVP / The Most Valuable Poet in the M I C
on the epic Just Rhymin With Biz. Collaborating with
fellow Juice Crew member Biz Markie, was a perfect example of
his well round embracing talents.

Despite some of the noticeable mishaps that occurred in
his career like the embarrassing Give a
and Another Victory,
which do not reap the same seeds of his other notable masterpieces. No one will
ever convey Kane‘s ever present
display of expression and dedication to his craft. Big Daddy Kane will finally get his just due and respect following this
current release. All the haters should descend and all followers shall elevate
to one of the greatest MC’s of all time.

Reviewed by: Complexx