*Originally this album was released in November of 2004
and is being re-released with a DVD and scatch and sniff packaging! So I
re-upped the review for the good people at RSE…and cause you know, its a
delicious album

Despite releasing 2 or 3 albums a year, MF DOOM has not
released an LP backed by his own production since 99’s classic Operation:
. Coming under the Rhymesayers banner, MM..Food
may be the most anticipated indy release of the year. In 2004 DOOM
has already teamed up with partner-in-proficiency Madlib for
the certifiable classic Madvillain album, plus he dropped the
blazing Viktor Vaughn 2 EP. Could his latest opus be the best of the

I say, no. But you could probably make a good argument otherwise. DOOM‘s
creative madness is always punctuated perfectly over his own quirky production.
DOOM‘s one part thug, one part comic book nerd, and one part
mad scientist is just made to flow over a delightfully cheesy 80’s sample.
Keeping with his title theme, DOOM has food-inspired titles
for each song and has littered his rhymes with clever food metaphors. The
finest example is “Kookies,”
which is a clever little track about internet porn (get it? cookies). DOOM‘s
stream-of-consciousness, multi-layered rhymes spread over his vintage
production like butter on “Deep Fried Frenz” (word to Whodini), and “Hoe Cakes.”
But none is better than his Count Bass D collabo “Potholders”
where he kicks the likes of; “a lot of niggas wish to die/they need to hold
they horses, there’s bigger fish to fry/your on the list/if not, pick a number
spot/ten and a half timbs was made to kick your bumbleclot

There are two instances where DOOM allows another chef in the
kitchen, first the mad to his villain comes through “One Beer” then
PNS of the Molemen cooks up “Kon Queso.”
Unfortunately the former was a Madvillain b-side and the
latter was previously released as “Yee Haw.” But I guess I can excuse it
for lines like; “first learned to neck off a home-ec home-wrecker/this was
like back when he was crib age/when he hits the stage its like a gauge to the
rib cage

The only real downside here is the middle of the album featuring some eight
straight minutes of DOOM‘s wacky interludes, and “Guinesses”
which doesn’t even feature the kid. Fortunately you’ve still got tracks the
quality of “Kon
and “Vompitspit” to keep the album in constant rotation. In
short, ol’ Metal Face has done it yet again with another
excellent album that will surely be on many short lists for album of year. “If he had a pot he’d still piss on the
” – now that’s a villain.