Disturbing the Peace does it again. This Chicago bitch can flow ridiculously; and I mean bitch in the smoothest nicest way. Shawna opens Her Debut DTP/Def Jam release, Worth Tha Weight, on some grimey hard shit called “My Chicago” (Part1). She sounds like she’s New York bred on this joint. Mami is crazy hectic.Then she begins the takeover on “Let’s Go.” The uptempo track is club ready.
With references from label heads comparing Shawna to a young, viscious Foxy Brown, one has to guess that Shawna is built for this shit. We all know Shawna was a part of Infamous Syndicate some years ago but it’s a new day niggas. Get low.”R.P.M.” featuring Twista and head DTP resident Ludacris, is simply that quick lipped Southern shit that Luda mastered on his first disc on “What’s Your Fantasy”. Yall’ do the knowledge on this one.
Now let me not forget about the first single, “Shake Dat Shit.” Ok, I talked about it. Nuff said. “My Chicago” (Part 2) comes back and still flows nicely. Shawna’s lingo is really sick and she propells her vioice notes to the front of every track with ease. Even on “What Can I Do,” side by side with the Queen of dance ready Hip Hop Missy Elliot, Shawna sounds like a perfect fit.
On the Militainment /DTP collabo with N.O.R.E., The mixture of thourough New York/Chicago flavor blends just like it should, smoothly. Then Shawna takes us on a Chicago thug chicks vision of an erotic night. She sound sexy and real as fuck spittin it too. I aint mad at you Shawna, do you.
At the end of the day Shawna comes through with a great display for a freshman release on the solo end. Def Jam does it again but dont get it twisted, DTP is what’s really poppin. Scream at me.